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  1. BOX +1 ABAIXO TODOS OS ITENS DROPADOS DE SUAS RESPECTIVAS BOX: "Kris" "Short Sword" "Rapier" "Katana" "Sword of Assassin" "Small Axe" "Hand Axe" "Double Axe" "Tomahawk" "Mace" "Small Shield" "Horn Shield" "Skull Staff" "Legendary Staff" "Short Bow" "Bow" "Tiger Bow" "Dragon" "Pad" "Vine" Leather" BOX +2 "Blade" "Gladius" "Falchion" "Serpent Sword" "Sword of Salamander" "Flail" "Master Scepter" "Battle Scepter" "Kite Shield" "Buckler" "Skull Shield" "Spiked Shield" "Bow", "Elven Bow" "Tiger Bow" "Arquebus" "Angelic Staff" "Serpent Staff" "Violent Wind Stick" "Wizards Ring" "Ring of Fire" "Ring of Earth" "Ring of Wind" "Ring of Magic" "Pendant of Ice" "Pendant of Wind" "Pendant of Water" "Pendant of Ability" "Ring of Ice" "Ring of Poison" "Scale " "Sphinx" "Silk " "Storm " "Bone" "Violent Wind " BOX +3 "Plate" "Bronze" "Light Plate" "Spirit" "Sphinx Mask" "Legendary" "Wind" "Valiant" "Sacred" "Red Wing" "Legendary" "Lighting" "Tiger Bow" "Silver Bow" "Light Crossbow" "Serpent Crossbow" "Elven Axe" "Tower Shield" "Plate Shield" "Dragon Slayer Shield" "Elven Shield" "Elemental Shield" "Elemental Mace" "Great Scepter" "Legendary Staff" "Gorgon Staff" "Book of Samut" "Red Wing Stick" "Plate" "Bronze" "Light Plater" "Wind" "Spirit" "Sphinx" "Legendary" "Valiant" "Sacred" "Red Wing" "Legendary Sword" "Lighting Sword" "Tower Shield" "Plate Shield "Dragon Slayer Shield" "Elemental Shield" "Elven Shield" BOX +4 "Black Dragon" "Ashcrow" "Adamantine" "Dark Steel" "Guardian" "Iris" "Eclipse" "Thunder Hawk" "Storm Hard" "Iris Helm" "Sword of Destruction" "Dark Breaker" "Rune Blade" "Holly Storm Claws" "Large Round Shield" "Serpent Shield" "Legendary Shield" "Lord Scepter" "Bluewing Crossbow" "Aquagold Crossbow" "Saint Crossbow" "Staff of Resurrection" "Staff of Destruction" "Dragon Soul Staff" "Ancient Stick" "Book of Neil" BOX +5 "Grand Soul" "Dark Phoenix" "Great Dragon" "Dark Soul" "Hurricane" "Red Spirit" "Dark Master" "Valiant" "Demonic" "Piercing" "Knight Blade" "Dark Reign Blade" "Thunder Blade" "Piercing Glove" "Bronze Shield" "Dragon Shield" "Grand Soul Shield" "Cross Shield" "Great Lord Scepter" "Shining Scepter" "Striker Scepter" "Celestial Bow" "Arrow Viper Bow "Albatross Bow" "Staff of Kundun" "Demonic Stick" "Book of Lagle" "Dragon Shield" "Cross Shield"